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Low weight loss and high corrosion resistance product – NdFeB

Because of the poor corrosion resistance of Nd-Fe-B in iron base and rich in Nd, it usually needs to be electroplated before use. However, with the expansion of the application field of elevator, wind power and other permanent magnet motors, users have put forward higher requirements for the corrosion resistance of NdFeB. Because the adhesive force of non electroplating products is much better than that of electroplating products and fittings, the use safety of motors has also been improved correspondingly. Now some customers have begun to use a large number of non electroplating NdFeB products Through continuous innovation, our company has developed Nd-Fe-B products with ultra-low weight loss (the weight loss test data unit is the weight loss of mg per square centimeter). The general weight loss data of Nd-Fe-B industry is more than 150mg / cm2, depending on the material formula and production process conditions, the data are quite different, and the weight loss data of some of our products has reached H AST is required to be less than 1mg / cm2 in 168 hours; due to its low weight loss characteristics, it has good corrosion resistance, and the reliability and service life of the products have been greatly improved, which can meet the strict requirements of corrosion resistance in high-end application fields such as permanent magnet motor, mainly used in military aerospace, industrial motor and other fields such as elevator, radar, wind turbine, etc.

1570668765431457 - Low weight loss and high corrosion resistance product - NdFeB

Note: there are mainly two test standards for weight loss – American and European standards:

  • American requirements: PCT test: 2atm (atmospheric pressure) 95% RH (humidity) 121 ℃, 96h, weight loss below 5 ~ 10mg / cm2;
  • European requirements: hast test: 3atm (atmospheric pressure) 95% RH (humidity) 130 ℃, 168h, weight loss of less than 2 ~ 5mg / cm2;

The weight loss data of different brands of NdFeB products are not nearly the same. The above is the whole content of this paper.



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