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Why does NdFeB demagnetize

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I believe many people know that NdFeB magnet is a kind of rare earth permanent magnet material, but many people will demagnetize when using NdFeB permanent magnet material, so why does NdFeB demagnetize? Now let’s talk about this with ymagnet.

The demagnetization behavior of NdFeB at high temperature depends on its physical structure. The reason of magnetic field produced by magnet is that the electrons carried by the material itself rotate around the atom, which produces a certain magnetic force and affects the surrounding affairs. However, under certain temperature conditions, the electron rotation around the atom in a given direction is also limited. Different permanent magnets can withstand different temperatures. When the temperature is too high, the electron will deviate from the original orbit, leading to chaos.

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At this time, the magnetic field of the magnetic material itself will be disturbed, leading to demagnetization. The temperature of NdFeB magnet is about 200 ℃, and demagnetization will occur beyond this temperature.
Now that you know the reason for demagnetization of NdFeB magnets, you can solve this problem by specifying the correct method. First of all, do not put NdFeB magnet products at too high temperature, especially pay attention to its critical temperature, timely adjust its working environment temperature, can minimize the occurrence of demagnetization phenomenon.
Secondly, from the beginning of technology, improve the performance of the product, make it have more temperature adaptive structure, not easy to be affected by the environment. NdFeB magnets have good magnetism, excellent quality and absolutely reasonable price. Magnet manufacturers will pay more attention to the performance of magnets and produce more reliable products.

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