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What is the maximum size of NdFeB magnet?

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As a functional product, magnets need to be customized in many cases to meet the size requirements of their own products except for some conventional products. Common NdFeB magnets are very small, so what size of NdFeB magnets can manufacturers make?
There are many articles about NdFeB magnet in our website, about the specification of NdFeB magnet, the maximum can be 100 mm? 200mm? 300mmOr 500mm?
1. As we all know, the length of our common magnet is only 65mm due to the limitation of the mold. Theoretically, the maximum size of NdFeB can be about 200 mm, and some magnet manufacturers can even make it larger. Ymagnet has seen more than 220 outer diameter NdFeB rings and drilled several holes. Generally, the number of companies that need this kind of large magnet is not too large.
2. Neodymium iron boron magnet is bigger than that. Its surface feels a little like stainless steel. Can you do this magnet? We can tell you from the person in charge that we can do this, but the manufacturing process is different. The main function of this magnet is to remove iron, and the magnetic force is also very strong.
3. Production scope of NdFeB magnets:
1. Circular NdFeB magnet
Circular NdFeB magnet: diameter not more than 200 mm, thickness not more than 50 mm.
2. Square NdFeB magnet
The length and width shall not exceed 200 mm and the thickness shall not exceed 50 mm.
3. Minimum size
The minimum (thin) size of various shapes is 0.8mm, the minimum diameter of circle is 2mm, and the minimum length and width of square is 2mm.
Special shaped and tile can refer to the above dimensions.

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