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What is a single sided multipole magnetizing magnet?

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Single sided multipole magnetization of a magnet means that there are many pairs of poles (multipoles) on one side of the magnet, while there is almost no magnetism on the other side. We call this kind of magnet single sided multipole magnetization magnet. Multipole magnetization fixture is needed for the production of multipole magnetization magnet.

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For example, the single-sided multipole magnet of ferrite can be divided into the same-sex and the different-sex magnets. The same-sex surface magnetism is about 700gs, generally no more than 1000, and the opposite-sex surface magnetism is about 1200gs. Even higher can be achieved. Our product library has a radial external charging 8-pole magnetic ring, and the surface magnetism reaches more than 1900 (measured by Japanese Gauss meter)
The production of custom-made ferrite multipole magnetizing magnet requires a suitable multipole magnetizing fixture. The cost of custom-made multipole magnetizing fixture is about USD 500-1000, which mainly depends on the product requirements of ferrite magnet (subject to the business quotation).

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