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What is a multipole radial ring magnet?

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What is a multipole radial ring magnet?

Multipole radial ring magnet is used to magnetize the required number of poles on the hard magnetic ring material with a special magnetizing machine. The magnetizing effect is related to the material of the magnetic ring and the performance of the magnetizing machine. The magnitude of the magnetic energy product and the hysteresis attenuation are all related to the above conditions. The anisotropic NdFeB multipole magnetic ring is characterized by taking sintered anisotropic NdFeB as each pole of the magnetic ring, taking the magnetic conductive material as the magnetic ring skeleton, having a bonding layer between each pole and between each pole and the skeleton, and having a solid heat-resistant resin layer on the surface of the magnetic ring. The utility model has the advantages of firm structure, good magnetic properties, simple processing technology and low production cost.

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Multipole radial circular ring permanent magnet is used in micromotor. Nowadays, micromotor is widely used and widely used in the world. Permanent magnet brushless DC motor is the development direction of micro motor. Multipole permanent magnets, including ferrite pads and bonded NdFeB, play an important role in advanced brushless DC motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors and permanent magnet stepping motors.
This kind of motor generally uses permanent magnet as the rotor. The magnetic field of rotor magnet interacts with the magnetic field generated by stator winding to generate torque and drive the motor to rotate. Multipole ring permanent magnet is the core component of the magnet. Its application eliminates the excitation winding and brush, simplifies the structure, reduces the volume, prolongs the life and saves energy. The speed of micromotor is inversely proportional to the number of magnetic poles of permanent magnet. It is convenient to use multipole magnetic ring for low-speed motor, so the mechanical deceleration mechanism can be omitted. Micro motor with multi pole magnetic ring as the core has become an indispensable part of household appliances (automatic washing machine, air conditioner, etc.), computers, printers and automobiles. The multipole ring permanent magnets used in the above fields mainly include sintered ferrite and injection ferrite.
It should be noted that in the magnetic drive, the driving wheel and the driven wheel do not need to contact, but are isolated. The transmission device made of such a set of magnets can be used for mixing and conveying gas and liquid, which has special use in petrochemical, gas, navigation, aviation and other harmful gas and liquid places, where high vacuum technology is needed, so it can be absolutely leak free, safe and reliable. Mechanical transmission can not achieve such an ideal effect. In addition, the magnetic drive device also has good vibration absorption capacity, overload protection ability and long service life.

Grades of Sintered NdFeB Radial Multipole Ring Magnet

Grade Remanence
Intrinsic Coercivity
Max Energy Product
Operating Temp.
N35 11.7-12.2 ≥10.9 ≥12 33-36  (MGOe) 80
N38 12.2-12.5 ≥11.3 ≥12 36-39  (MGOe) 80
N48 13.8-14.2 ≥11.6 ≥12 46-49  (MGOe) 80
N35M 11.7-12.2 ≥10.9 ≥14 33-36  (MGOe) 100
N38M 12.2-12.5 ≥11.3 ≥14 36-39  (MGOe) 100
N45M 13.2-13.8 ≥12.5 ≥14 43-46  (MGOe) 100
N35SH 11.7-12.2 ≥11.0 ≥20 33-36  (MGOe) 150
N38SH 12.2-12.5 ≥11.4 ≥20 36-39  (MGOe) 150
N42SH 12.8-13.2 ≥12.4 ≥20 40-43  (MGOe) 150
N45SH 13.2-13.8 ≥12.6 ≥20 43-46  (MGOe) 150
N33UH 11.3-11.7 ≥10.7 ≥25 31-34  (MGOe) 180
N35UH 11.8-12.2 ≥10.8 ≥25 33-36  (MGOe) 180

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