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What is a magnet chip?

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How do magnets slice? What does magnetic slice mean? Today, the manufacturers of NdFeB magnets come and introduce them respectively, including a specific process of slice processing.

What does magnetic slice mean?

Magnet cutting: the cylindrical and square column magnets are cut and processed into round or square plates by slicing machine.

[the following figure is the magnet slicer of NdFeB magnet factory]

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Most magnet manufacturers buy magnet blanks and then process them according to the size required by customers. Magnet slicing is to use inner circle slicer or multi line slicer to cut large magnet (strong magnetic NdFeB) blanks into small pieces. Multi line slicer has more powerful functions and higher efficiency.
Alloy permanent magnets can be cut by wire cutting, generally used to cut tiles, and large-size products. Ferrite can be ground or sliced. Rubber magnetic blade can be used.

How to calculate the output, number and qualified rate of magnet slice?

Generally less is to rely on the number of qualified testing is to use the relevant testing instruments for measurement, the size is to 100% measurement. Performance is sampling!

Is the magnet slicer the same as the lathe?

Different, the magnet slicer generally refers to the inner circle slicer, which uses the inner circle blade to rotate at high speed, and the diamond powder electroplated on the inner ring of the blade to grind the magnet to achieve the purpose of cutting off. The form of metal cutting is different from that of ordinary lathe.

What is the slicing process of powerful magnet?

Before slicing, the blank material processed by punching and other methods should be glued together with 502 special glue according to a certain shape and number of columns, so as to facilitate batch processing. After that, we enter the wire cutting workshop, and the machining and slicing are completed by the inner circle slicer.
In this process, the column with the outer diameter required by the customer’s order is cut into the thickness required by the order, or the square magnet required by the customer is processed with vector data in the three directions of length, width and height, and finally the size of the finished product required by the customer is cut out.

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