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What is a ferrite core?

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What is a ferrite core?

Ferrite core is a kind of high-frequency magnetic material (the principle is the same as that of silicon steel sheet, but used in high-frequency environment). It is mainly used as high-frequency transformer (such as switching power supply, line output transformer, etc.). Magnetic ring (for anti-interference), etc., to increase the permeability and improve the quality of the inductance, used in the transformer.

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Ferrite cores are mainly composed of iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), and zinc (Zn), and are usually called manganese-zinc ferrite. The toroidal ferrite core has no air gap and the same cross-sectional area, so the magnetic effect is very high.
Ferrite magnetic rings have many specifications and sizes, which can be selected according to the material of the magnetic ring, and different coatings can be used to simplify the winding and increase the breakdown voltage.
Ferrite core is made of dense and homogeneous ceramic structure non-metallic magnetic material, with low coercivity, also known as soft ferrite. It is composed of oxide or carbonate compounds of iron oxide (Fe2O3) and one or more other metals (such as manganese, zinc, nickel, and magnesium). The ferrite raw material is pressed, then sintered at a high temperature of 1300℃, and finally machined into a finished magnetic core that meets the application requirements. Compared with other types of magnetic materials, the advantage of ferrite is that the magnetic permeability is very high, and It has the advantages of high resistance and low eddy current loss in a wide frequency range. These material properties make ferrite an ideal material for manufacturing high-frequency transformers, broadband transformers, adjustable inductors and other high-frequency circuits from 10kHz to 50MHz.
Ferrite cores can be wound with coils to make inductors or transformers. They are widely used in instrumentation, communication equipment and household appliances. Ferrite cores have many material grades and various geometric shapes, including cylindrical, I-shaped, cap-shaped, single-hole, double-hole, four-hole, U-shaped, pot-shaped, E-shaped, EI-shaped, EC-shaped, RM shape, PQ shape, EP shape, see attached picture. Each shape of magnetic core is self-contained for users to choose from. Ferrite cores have a wide range of choices, and different materials and shapes can be selected according to different magnetic parameters. Due to their low magnetic loss at high frequencies, they are widely used in switch mode power supplies (SMPS) and radio frequency (RF) transformers. And inductors. Ferrite cores of various shapes and sizes are used in inductors, pulse transformers, high-frequency transformers, and noise filters in the high-frequency power supply and high-quality communication markets. The biggest feature of ferrite is high permeability, good temperature characteristics, and low attenuation rate.

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