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What are the drilling equipment of NdFeB magnet?

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Can Nd-Fe-B magnet be used for hole turning? Magnet manufacturers can clearly tell you that Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials can be processed by drilling. Below, we will take you to know about the knowledge of Nd-Fe-B magnet drilling related magnetic materials.
What kind of equipment does NdFeB magnet punch?
In the case of Tongcheng, many magnet manufacturers use table type drilling machines or instrument lathes to drill, ream and ream NdFeB magnetic materials. Of course, you can also use alloy drill direct drilling or ultrasonic drilling machine.
Neodymium magnet common punching type?
There are two kinds of common NdFeB magnets: straight hole and countersink hole. It is relatively simple to drill straight holes, and the requirements are not high. Generally, the square magnet, round magnet and magnetic ring should be sliced before drilling again.
Many cracks are found in the drilling of NdFeB radial products?
Because NdFeB itself is brittle, there are several reasons for this problem:

  • 1. The quality of the product blank material itself is not up to the standard, there are cracks or problems in the processing technology.
  • 2. There is burr in the fixture holding the product during drilling.
  • 3. The tool is not centered when drilling.
  • 4. The cutting tool is not good
  • 5. Too high temperature and improper cooling during the processing.

How to reduce fracture in NdFeB drilling?
Processing technology: control the tool run out tolerance. The key is that the blank can be improved, and the processability of the blank can be improved by adjusting the formula, particle size and sintering process. If it is radial blank, the key is to improve the pressing and sintering process.
There is the high temperature produced by the magnet and cutting tool in the process of processing, which needs water and oil to cool down, otherwise the drilling fracture of NdFeB magnet will occur.
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