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What are pot magnets?

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What are pot magnets?

The pot magnet is a magnet that is wrapped in a steel shell and shaped like a pot, so we call it a pot magnet (bowl magnet), also called a magnetic component. Through the design of the magnetic circuit, the steel shell will increase its tensile force.

Pot Magnets are very common products in magnetic components. It can be seen in various production and life scenarios. There is a layer of steel shell outside the pot magnet, which is shaped like a pot, hence the name pot magnet. The combination of the magnet and the steel shell can optimize the magnetic circuit, enhance the unilateral magnetic force, and avoid the magnet from being bumped in use.

Application of pot magnet

NdFeB pot magnets are widely used in doors, car ceiling lights, cabinets and door stops, ceiling fixing, signs and banners, compact parts, fixtures and fixtures, lighting, exhibition fixtures, industrial fixtures, etc. This is the most down-to-earth magnet, because you can basically see it in life. There is a neodymium iron boron pot magnet inside the door stop you can reach when you go home. The magnetic pot magnet has the characteristics of small size and large suction. When it is vertically adsorbed on the surface of the material, the suction can be maximized. In addition to the built-in magnet and the external iron shell structure, its attractive force also depends on the material, thickness, flatness, and friction of the adsorbed surface.

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The structure and principle of pot magnet

The pot magnet is composed of three parts: magnet, steel shell and gasket:

  • Magnet: Neodymium iron boron, samarium cobalt, ferrite, alnico and other materials can make pot magnets.
  • Steel shell: general steel shell, the production process includes turning and stamping. The price of stamping process is lower, and the dimensional accuracy of turning process is higher. It can produce products with more size requirements, especially pot magnet products with larger diameters. (For the same size, the turning precision is higher).
  • Gasket: Generally made of plastic, but also epoxy resin and brass.

Under normal circumstances, the magnetic field lines of the magnet are freely distributed in the air, and the pot magnet adds a steel shell outside the magnet, and the magnetic circuit guides the magnetic field lines to focus on the working surface. After the pot is magnetically attracted to the iron plate and in contact with the working surface, the magnetic lines of force gather much more than usual, so its pulling force is much larger than that of ordinary magnets.

Types of pot magnets

There are several types of pot magnets: counterbore pot magnets, through-hole pot magnets, internal thread pot magnets, and a screw hole in the center of the pot magnet.

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