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What are FeCrCo magnets?

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What are FeCrCo magnets?

FeCrCo permanent magnet is a new type of permanent magnet material which appeared in the early 1970s. Its magnetic properties are similar to that of AlNiCo permanent magnet. It can be magnetized by planar eight pole and multi pole. It has the advantages of machining. It is especially suitable for manufacturing small and thin permanent magnetic components with complicated shape and size. It can be used in telephone, tachometer, micro motor, micro relay, loudspeaker, etc.

What are the characteristics of FeCrCo?

  • 1. High temperature resistance. The Curie temperature is about 680°C, and the maximum operating temperature is 400°C, so the magnetism can be maintained at a temperature below 400°C.
  • 2. Good mechanical processing performance. Drilling, milling, planing, grinding, cutting, drilling, punching and other mechanical processing can be performed, so it is no problem to make special shapes.
  • 3. Impact resistance. Magnetic materials such as neodymium iron boron are relatively brittle, while iron chromium cobalt has the characteristics of being less fragile than other materials and less cracking.
  • 4. Magnetic requirements can be adjusted according to customer needs (it can be made into semi-hard magnetic properties).
  • 5. It can be made into complex shapes and precise specifications.

Fe-Cr-Co performance table, performance parameter table.

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What are the main uses of FeCrCo magnets?

Fe-Cr-Co is mainly used in aviation instrument, ship instrument, automobile instrument, magnetic compass, oil logging instrument, liquid level indicator, signal generator, anti-theft device, counter, embroidery machine, hearing aid, brake and other fields.
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What shapes can FeCrCo magnets be made into?

It can be processed into cylindrical, circular, bowl, magnetic rod (belt), square and other shapes.

What is the density of FeCrCo magnets?

  • The density is 7.7-7.8g/cm3.

According to spinodal decomposition theory, Fe Cr Co alloy is developed by adding CO on the basis of Fe Cr binary alloy. FeCrCo alloy forms a single α phase in the high temperature region, and then forms α 1 and α 2 phases by spinodal decomposition. The subsequent tempering process increases the composition difference of the two phases, so as to obtain high magnetic properties. Because the temperature of single α phase is very high, it is difficult to produce in large quantities. Therefore, in addition to the method of fast cooling after solution treatment, the method of adding trace elements is also adopted to reduce the production difficulty. Therefore, various kinds of alloys of different grades are formed. However, the production process still needs to be strictly implemented, because its heat treatment temperature range is very narrow, there is a slight deviation, and the magnetic property is very poor, which requires the production process to be mature and perfect and feasible in large-scale production, after years of exploration. From smelting, forging, rolling, drawing, and heat treatment, our company has a complete set of domestic advanced technology and process. In 1985, the national standard of iron chromium cobalt wrought permanent magnet alloy, namely gbn254-85, is now Yb / t5261-1993. The standard is implemented in the production of iron chromium cobalt in China. The magnetic properties of Fe Cr CO produced by our company can not only meet or exceed the national standards, but also provide semi hard magnetic alloy according to the requirements of users, so as to meet the requirements of different fields.
Fe Cr Co alloy also has a great advantage, that is, its Curie temperature is about 680 ℃ (TC of different brands of alloys is slightly different). Therefore, the service temperature of Fe Cr Co alloy can reach 400 ℃, and the reversible temperature coefficient is very small, which is – 0.0128% ℃. That is to say, the stability of magnetic properties is very good, which is suitable for high precision components. The company produces various specifications of wire, strip, bar, pipe, the thinnest strip is 0.05mm, the thinnest wire is 0.1mm. The surface of finished components can be coated with various coatings according to the requirements of users. It can also be treated with metallic luster. The surface finish can reach the highest level, meeting the requirements of military products. The magnet has isotropy and anisotropy. The magnetic field direction has axial, radial and radiation magnetic fields.
Because of its excellent mechanical and magnetic properties, Fe Cr Co alloy is widely used in various fields. Over the years of production, we have provided thousands of specifications of components for many customers, including the aircraft, rockets, artillery on land, tanks, cars, underwater submarines, naval vessels on the sea and so on. We have used our magnetic components. With the improvement of science and technology and the development of the country, the application range of magnetic materials in civil products is expanding, and the consumption is quite large. In the instrument industry, it is used to manufacture magnetoelectric ammeter, voltmeter, tachometer, watt hour meter, galvanometer, oil level gauge, etc.; in the electronics and telecommunications industry, it is used to manufacture hysteresis motor, micro motor, computer rust machine; buzzer of mobile phone The compass is used for tourist goods, clothing decoration, cultural goods, etc. In aviation and navigation: for magnetic compass, gyroscope, and other household appliances, such as audio speakers; television, hearing aid, electromagnetic lock, anti-theft device, etc. In medical treatment, in addition to the manufacture of medical equipment, magnetic health care equipment such as magnetic treatment glasses, magnetic shoes, magnetic water device and so on are also widely used. In addition, there is a large demand for oil exploration.
Iron chromium cobalt is known as the transformer in the permanent magnet, which is the advantage of the magnetic material. It is easy to metal processing, especially the wire drawing and pipe drawing are the advantages that other permanent magnetic materials can not compare with. The disadvantages are: low performance, remanence br = 13000-14000 GS coercivity HC = 650 (OE) about 52 Ka / m, BHmax = 6.0 mgoe
Physical properties, hardness and stainless steel 304 the same hardness, 30-35 easy to process.

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