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The advantages and disadvantages of Nd-Fe-B magnetic material and its process introduction

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Neodymium iron boron magnetic material, as the latest result of the development of rare earth permanent magnetic materials, is known as “magnet king” because of its excellent magnetic properties. Neodymium iron boron magnetic materials are alloys of neodymium and iron oxide. Also known as magnetic steel. Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material has been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology because of its high magnetic energy product and coercive force and high energy density, which makes it possible to miniaturize, lighten and thin instruments, electro acoustic motors, magnetic separation and magnetization equipment.

  • Advantages: strong magnetic force, high cost performance, wide application, etc.
  • Disadvantages: fragile, so in use to pay attention to, according to the normal method of use.

The third generation of rare earth permanent NdFeB magnet is the most powerful permanent magnet. Its main raw materials are rare earth metal Nd 29% – 32.5%, metal element Fe 63.95-68.65%, non-metal element B 1.1-1.2%, a small amount of dysprosium 0.6-1.2%, niobium 0.3-0.5%, aluminum 0.3-0.5%, copper 0.05-0.15%.
NdFeB permanent magnetic material is based on intermetallic compound re2fe14b. The main components are rare earth (RE), iron (FE) and boron (b). In order to obtain different properties, nd can be partially replaced by dysprosium (Dy), praseodymium (PR) and other rare earth metals. Iron can also be partially replaced by cobalt (CO), aluminum (AL) and other metals. The content of boron is small, but it plays an important role in the formation of tetragonal crystal structure intermetallic compounds, making the compounds have high saturation magnetization, high uniaxial anisotropy and high Curie temperature.
Process flow: batching → smelting ingot making / belt throwing → pulverizing → pressing → sintering and tempering → magnetic detection → grinding → pin cutting → electroplating → finished product. Among them, proportioning is the basis and sintering tempering is the key.
Nd-Fe-B magnet blank production tools and performance testing tools: melting furnace, belt throwing furnace, crushing machine, air flow mill, press molding machine, vacuum packaging machine, isostatic press, sintering furnace, heat treatment vacuum furnace, magnetic property tester, gauss meter.
Nd-Fe-B magnet machining tools: centerless grinding, rounding machine, double end grinding, flat grinding, slicing machine, double-sided grinding, wire cutting, special-shaped grinding, etc.
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