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Raw material composition ratio of NdFeB magnetic material

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Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet is based on Nd2Fe14B single-phase compound. Its magnetic properties are related to Nd-Fe-B single-phase compound and its composition is similar to that of Nd2Fe14B single-phase compound. General composition: nd 0-36% (mass), Fe 63% (mass), B 1% (mass). When nd and Fe are replaced by different rare earth and other metals, Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets with different compositions and magnetic properties can be developed. The commercial magnetic energy product is about 199-287kj / m3 (25-36mgsoe). It is made by powder metallurgy, reduction diffusion, melt quenching, casting and other methods. It is used to prepare various motors, motors, maglev separators, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc. At present, Nd-Fe-B has the highest magnetic properties, so it is called the third generation magneto.

What is the raw material ratio of NdFeB magnetic material?

  • 1. Neodymium accounted for 29% – 32.5%;
  • 2. The proportion of iron was 63.95-68.65%;
  • 3. Non metallic element boron accounts for 1.1-1.2%;
  • 4. A small amount of dysprosium accounted for 0.6-1.2%;
  • 5. Niobium and aluminum account for 0.3-0.5%
  • 6. Copper accounts for 0.05-0.15% of the elements.

The quality of raw materials will directly affect the magnetic properties of NdFeB magnetic materials.
The above proportion of NdFeB magnetic materials does not mean that the proportion of every magnet manufacturer is the same, but because of their different production capacity and processing methods, the proportion will be slightly different.

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