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Questions and answers about wire cutting of magnetic materials

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Many customers have just come into contact with the magnetic material industry for a short time and are not familiar with the magnetic material processing process. They are curious about how to cut the powerful magnet, such as what kind of magnet to cut? What is magnetic wire cutting? Which magnetic materials can be wire cut? Can magnetic magnets be wire cut? What is wire cutting equipment like? Will powerful magnet demagnetize after wire cutting? The following is to take you to understand.
First of all, what is magnet wire cutting?
WEDM is a kind of electrical machining machine tool, which uses molybdenum wire to cut metal (especially hard material and complex parts) by electrical corrosion. Wire cutting has many incomparable advantages, such as small machining allowance, high machining accuracy, short production cycle and low manufacturing cost. Wire cutting has been widely used in production.
Which magnetic materials can be used in WEDM?
As long as there are conductive magnetic materials can be wire cutting processing, Nd-Fe-B strong magnet, conductivity is better, so it is often processed into special-shaped.
Can magnetic magnets be wire cut?
No, magnets with magnetism should be demagnetized first and then WEDM, and then magnetized after cutting.
Will high intensity magnetic field be demagnetized after wire cutting?
At present, wire cutting mostly depends on the similar arc discharge phenomenon to dissolve metal, so as to achieve the cutting effect. In WEDM, high temperature will demagnetize part or all of the strong magnetic field.
Wire cutting is the use of wire cutting machine, the use of spark instantaneous high temperature can make local metal melting, oxidation and corrosion, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.
When the magnetized material is affected by external energy, such as heating and impact, the magnetic distance direction of each domain will become inconsistent, and the magnetism will weaken or disappear. This process is called degaussing.

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