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Quality inspection method for surface coating of NdFeB magnet

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How to detect the coating quality of NdFeB magnetic material?

The main methods for testing the coating quality of NdFeB magnets are as follows:

1 200604111032M1 - Quality inspection method for surface coating of NdFeB magnet

1. Visual inspection of appearance
It is mainly observed under non direct natural light or fluorescent lamp with illumination equivalent to 40W. Qualified coating surface will not appear blistering, peeling, local plating and uneven color, stains, water stains and other phenomena.
2. Coating thickness measurement
3. Drop test (mainly for galvanized products)
4. Grid test (generally used for nickel plated products)
5. Chilling and heating test
6. PCT pressure test
7. SST salt spray test
8. Constant temperature and humidity test, etc
PS: each magnet manufacturer has different testing standards and methods for NdFeB surface coating, and the coating quality directly affects the service life of NdFeB products.
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