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Introduction of production and processing technology of magnet cylindrical grinding

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The magnet blank is put into storage after passing the magnetic property test and passing the judgment. According to the demand of the order, enter the cylindrical grinder workshop.
The common grinding methods of NdFeB magnet blank are: flat grinding, two end surface grinding, internal grinding, external grinding and so on. Cylindrical Nd-Fe-B magnet blank is often used in Coreless grinding and double end flat grinding. The blank of tile magnet, fan-shaped Nd-Fe-B magnet and special-shaped Nd-Fe-B magnet adopts multi station grinder.

What is the cylindrical grinding of magnet?

For example, when the diameter of the customer’s magnet is strict, it needs to be processed by cylindrical grinding machine.
Cylindrical grinding machine is mainly used for rough grinding and fine grinding of the outer diameter of cylindrical magnet blank. Rough grinding is used to grind off the oxide black scale produced during sintering, and fine grinding is carried out according to the outer diameter tolerance requirements of finished magnet on the order. After cylindrical grinding, all columns will enter the next process. The viscose processing of magnet light column is batch Prepare for slicing.
To judge whether the magnet product is qualified or not, not only the performance standard is required, but also the magnet dimensional tolerance is worth controlling, which directly affects its product performance and application. The accurate guarantee of magnet dimension tolerance value also directly depends on the manufacturing strength of the factory. Processing equipment is constantly updated with the needs of economy and social market. More efficient equipment and the automation trend of industrial processing not only meet the increasing needs of customers for magnet precision, but also save manpower and cost. It is the product that has market competitiveness.

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