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How to choose the specification and model of motor magnetic ring?

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We all know that the motor is manufactured by the principle of electromagnetic induction, and the motor magnetic ring is an important part that affects the motor speed. Motor rotor determines the size of motor power and the quality of performance. So how do we choose the motor magnetic ring? The following small series will tell you how to choose the model of the motor magnetic ring, hoping to help you.

How to select the specifications and models of the magnetic ring?

There are many customers who have just developed or contacted how to select the magnetic ring. They talk about the electromagnetic interference of electrical appliances and connecting lines, which leads to the communication equipment crash and other problems. So how to choose the specification and model of magnetic ring.

The figure below shows bonded NdFeB, micromotor magnetic ring and radial multipole magnet.

1475722235495268 - How to choose the specification and model of motor magnetic ring?

In the selection of injection molding magnetic rings, how large the wire is used, the inner hole must be noted, the line thickness and the inner hole of the magnetic ring must be just right, too big to penetrate, too small will leak magnetic field, and the injection mold should be slightly larger than the magnetic ring size, but do not gap too much, so that it is not easy to damage the mold during injection molding. If there is its frequency, the frequency is not up to, the line diameter is so large, then the outer diameter and inner hole are not changed, but the length should be selected a bit longer magnetic ring. Generally, the choice of magnetic ring has the priority of large outer diameter, small inner hole and long length. The more material the size of such ring is, the better.
The clip on type magnetic ring is how to select, clip on magnetic ring, compared with other magnetic ring models, is much better, easy to use, fast, it is made of two-piece magnetic core and plastic shell assembly, also known as the assembly type magnetic ring. Select such models, must be selected according to frequency, different frequencies choose different models. It can be directly buckled on the interference line without injection molding. In the case of large inner diameter, it can be repeatedly wound for 1-2 cycles, the more it is wound, the better the impedance effect.
The method of selecting flat magnetic ring, the inner hole of the flat magnetic ring is flat and wide, and the length and outer diameter of the ring appear flat, so it is called flat magnetic ring or flat magnetic ring. This type of model is generally used on the line arrangement. The selection is based on the width and thickness of the line. The width of the line and the flat magnetic ring must be consistent, and it does not meet the requirements of the thread, and it is too loose to meet its characteristics. Therefore, the lower line shall be measured with caliper first and then the selection shall be carried out.

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