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How many hours of salt spray test can zinc coated NdFeB magnets pass?

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Neodymium iron boron surface plating adopts different plating processes according to the different use environment of products. The most common two kinds of surface plating are zinc plating and nickel plating. Some customers in the choice of coating will ask NdFeB magnet zinc can pass 48 hours salt spray test? If you need a longer time salt spray test, such as 72 hours, is nickel plating OK?

Can NdFeB magnet zinc plating pass 48 hours salt spray test?

Of course, small and medium-sized enterprises generally choose zinc plating and nickel plating, but there are many types of zinc plating. At present, there are many kinds of zinc plating, including white zinc, blue white zinc, blue zinc, color zinc and black zinc. The current market salt spray test white zinc 16 hours: blue white zinc 24 hours, color zinc 48 hours: black zinc 12 hours.
The salt spray test required by customers is 48 hours, and some will be higher, such as 72 hours or 96 hours.
After 48 hours of salt spray, customers are generally recommended to use nickel plating, which is more difficult. Some customers have higher requirements for salt spray resistance and acid-base resistance, such as 72 hours resistance. At this time, they can choose Perrin coating, which is more secure. Some people still have doubts, why not recommend the use of epoxy? Resistance to salt spray for 72 hours, nickel plating and epoxy are not guaranteed, so perrelin is recommended.
After 48 hours of salt spray, customers are generally recommended to use nickel plating. At present, the basic process of zinc plating is nickel copper nickel, which can ensure that the magnet will not be damaged in the case of corrosion.

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