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Does samarium cobalt permanent magnet need plating?

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SmCo permanent magnet can be divided into SmCo5 (the first generation rare earth permanent magnet material) and Sm2Co17 (the second generation rare earth permanent magnet material) according to the composition. It is the most representative permanent magnet in the cobalt based rare earth permanent magnet materials. It is a kind of magnetic tool material made by grinding, pressing and sintering.
It has the characteristics of high magnetic energy accumulation, very low temperature coefficient, high Curie point, good temperature stability (the maximum operating temperature is 250-550 ℃, Curie temperature is from 700 to 800 ℃), strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
Because samarium cobalt magnet contains iron, samarium cobalt magnet will rust, because its iron content is not as high as NdFeB magnet, so rust will not be serious. If samarium cobalt magnet is used in brine, some rust spots will be produced on the surface of the product, but it will not affect its performance and use.
The main components of sintered SmCo permanent magnet are samarium, cobalt does not react with water at room temperature, and is stable in humid air. Cobalt has strong corrosion resistance, and the new phase formed by them is also quite stable. It has strong oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance in dry, humid and high temperature environment. Therefore, it is unnecessary to sintering SmCo permanent magnet at room temperature without surface protection, but at high temperature In the case of (temperature > 400 ℃), samarium cobalt magnet is prone to desamm phenomenon, which causes the magnetic property of the magnet to decay, which requires necessary surface protection.
Samarium cobalt permanent magnet can be electroplated, such as nickel, zinc, nickel, copper, nickel, epoxy, etc. The main advantages of SmCo magnet plating are as follows:

  • 1. Good appearance. The samarium cobalt magnet that has been electroplated doesn’t look so powder, so it looks much better.
  • 2. Rust proof. Although samarium cobalt magnet has strong rust resistance, electroplating will be better.
  • 3. Anti crushing. Samarium cobalt magnet is fragile and electroplating can effectively solve the fragile problem.
  • In the practical application process, nickel plating will be used to prevent bumping and epoxy coating can achieve insulation effect.

Whether SmCo permanent magnet needs surface plating depends on your product use environment and product properties. If you don’t understand, you can continue to pay attention to the news about SmCo magnets in this station.

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