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Detailed explanation of four production and manufacturing processes of bonded NdFeB

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Bonded Nd-Fe-B high intensity magnet is one of the types of Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials, which belongs to Nd-Fe-B magnet. There are many types of production processes. This paper takes you to understand several production processes of bonded Nd-Fe-B magnet.
The bonding process of NdFeB magnets is an important link in the production and processing of magnetic materials.
1. Calendering
Calendering is to evenly mix magnetic powder and binder according to a certain volume proportion, roll them to the required thickness, and then make them into finished products after curing treatment. Generally, vinyl resin and nitrile rubber are used as adhesives, and the surface of products needs to be protected by coating.
2. Injection molding
Injection molding is to mix the magnetic powder and binder (thermoplastic resin), heat, mix, granulate and dry them, then send them to the heating chamber for heating through the spiral guide rod, and inject them into the mold cavity at a certain speed for molding. After cooling, the finished product can be obtained. Due to the high resin content, a protective film can be formed on the surface of the magnet. Generally, there is no need for surface anti-corrosion treatment, unless the surface anti-corrosion ability is improved There are higher requirements.
3. Extrusion molding
Extrusion molding and injection molding process is roughly the same, the only difference is that the heated particles are extruded into the mold through a cavity for continuous molding.
4. Molding
Molding is to mix the magnetic powder and binder in proportion, granulate and add a certain amount of coupling agent, press in the mold, solidify at 120 ° to 150 ° and finally get the finished product.
The molding process of bonded NdFeB magnets is basically divided into these four kinds, and the two most commonly used in the market are injection molding and molding.
The technological process of bonding NdFeB is introduced:

  • 1. Magnetic powder and coupling agent → adhesive → ingredient → non magnetic field pressing molding → curing treatment → magnetization → testing packaging
  • 2. Magnetic powder and coupling agent → adhesive → ingredients → magnetic field pressing molding → degaussing → curing → magnetizing → testing packaging
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