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Color of NdFeB and ferrite magnets before machining

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The primary color of the magnet, many people say, is what color you see. In fact, it is not. Take the NdFeB magnet for example, it is easy to corrode and oxidize. Therefore, it is necessary to do a layer of electroplated surface treatment on the surface in order to better protect the magnetism of the magnet.

If the primary color of NdFeB is black gray when it is not electroplated, it is not as black as ferrite. If you touch it with your hand, there will be less residue. There are few photos on the Internet about NdFeB before electroplating. The natural color of NdFeB is shown in the figure below.

1 20020G6363DR - Color of NdFeB and ferrite magnets before machining

Color of NdFeB before processing

Usually, the Nd-Fe-B that we see has been plated. The common ones are zinc plating and nickel plating.

Next, let’s talk about ferrite magnets. The primary color of ferrite is black. The finished product and the primary color are the same, black. Due to the corrosion resistance of ferrite, it does not need to be electroplated, as shown in the figure.

1 20020G63G5E6 - Color of NdFeB and ferrite magnets before machining

Ferrite color

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