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Can NdFeB magnets be plated with single layer nickel?

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As we all know, nickel plating on NdFeB magnets is a common surface treatment process for magnetic materials. Some customers treat it with double-layer nickel plating or combined with other coatings. Then some customers ask if it’s OK for my product to have only one layer of nickel plating? Below by the magnet manufacturer for you to answer.
The answer is yes. In fact, in the early stage, nickel plating on NdFeB magnets was only a single layer of nickel, but later it was improved to a double layer of nickel (nickel copper nickel). In the 1990s, it was replaced by nickel copper nickel. Now many magnet manufacturers basically use nickel copper nickel plating process.
At the beginning, there are more single-layer nickel plating. Nickel coating belongs to cathodic coating for iron substrate. Because of its high porosity, it is necessary to use copper plating as the bottom layer or multi-layer nickel plating. Therefore, the thickness of the coating can reach 20-25um, or it can not protect the NdFeB strong magnetic substrate, but also accelerate its corrosion. Barrel nickel plating is not easy to thick, because nickel is ferromagnetic metal, too thick nickel layer may affect the magnetic properties of NdFeB.
Therefore, single layer nickel plating on NdFeB is not a good choice. At present, only a small part of products with low anti-corrosion requirements still use single layer nickel plating on the market, and the rest mostly use multi-layer plating combination.
Conclusion: double layer nickel (Ni Cu Ni) is generally recommended, which is better than single layer nickel in corrosion resistance, good appearance and low price. The above content comes from the net of NdFeB magnet factory.

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