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Can NdFeB magnets be painted?

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Usually, we find that the ferrite magnet will be baked with paint, so a customer asked, can the NdFeB magnet be baked with paint?

The answer is No. generally, NdFeB magnets will not be painted.

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Specific reason analysis: magnetism is related to temperature
1. The higher the temperature is, the smaller the magnetic field is, and the weaker the magnetic field is.
The working temperature that the magnet can withstand is related to the material of the magnet itself, and the maximum temperature resistance can reach 200 degrees. Like the N35, if it is at 100 degrees, it can eliminate the magnetism of the magnet.
2. For all magnetic materials, they are not magnetic at any temperature. Generally, magnetic materials have a critical temperature Tc. Above this temperature, due to the intense thermal motion of atoms at high temperature, the arrangement of atomic magnetic moments is disordered. Below this temperature, the magnetic moments of atoms are arranged in order, resulting in spontaneous magnetization, and the object becomes ferromagnetic.
3. When we talk about baking varnish, it is mainly divided into two categories:

  • The curing temperature of one kind of low-temperature baking paint is 140 ° to 180 ° and the other is called high-temperature baking paint, whose curing temperature is 280 ° to 400 ℃.

Because there is a heating process in the paint baking process, and the magnetic properties of magnetic materials are greatly affected by the temperature factor, the manufacturers of NdFeB magnets generally do not recommend the paint baking process.

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