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Is there any manufacturer that can make the magnet thinner than 1mm?

1mm, almost 3 business cards stacked together of thickness, if it is just a 1mm magnet sheet, for most of the magnet factory, the difficulty is not very big, but if you want to thin to 0.5,0.6mm or even thinner, it requires magnet factory to have a certain strength.
Magnet is powder metallurgy industry, on the thin, precise, but also belongs to NdFeB material, with its processing of the shape of the complex magnet, tolerance control, magnetic force are selected super ferrite.
At present, the ultra-thin magnet sheet needed by customers on the market is mostly NdFeB strong magnetic type, such as the common D5*1, D10*1, D15*1, because of the very thin, it is easy to break when adsorption, this is not a magnet quality problem.

How thin can your company order the magnet?

1543817267552465 - Is there any manufacturer that can make the magnet thinner than 1mm?

At present, the thinest sintered NdFeB magnet block produced by our company can reach 0.4mm. Bonded NdFeB ring Xiaobian was once supplied to a medical instrument customer. The size is small and the wall thickness is only 0.5mm, which is quite thin. Bonded NdFeB common wall thickness is usually about 1mm in the majority. Then talk about the ferrite material, we often see the thickness of ferrite is relatively thick, because its magnetic force is weak, can only enhance the magnetic force through the thickness, we have seen the thinest ferrite sample thickness is 0.65mm.
If you need to purchase and customize magnets thinner than 1mm, welcome to communicate with our online customer service.



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