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Is the magnetizing effect related to the length of the magnetizing time?

The magnetism of the permanent magnet is magnetized by the magnetizing machine, a lot of people know that, the magnetizing effect is good or bad and the length of the magnetizing time is concerned? I’ll tell you a little bit about it today.

A lot of people think magnetizing time had been better shorter, actually not completely such, magnet magnetizing effect and magnetizing time length do not have too big concern.

1599458283843464 - Is the magnetizing effect related to the length of the magnetizing time?

Charging time refers to the time of the storage capacitor from 0V to the specified voltage (700V,1000V,2000,3500V). By RC charging circuit, charging time is related to t = 1 / RC constant, R is reduced, the charging current increases, the consumed power increases, the charging time increases quickly, the capacitor energy storage time is short, work frequency increase fast, therefore, of the fast charging time fails to account for the charger and fine class, also can’t explain the energy power of the charger size, should according to their own charge/demagnetization of the practical need of operation (charging voltage error requirement) how to determine the charging time.



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