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Is sintered ferrite magnetic tile how to appear crack reason?

In a forum to see a netizen asked: if I use the magnetic tile (sintered ferrite) into the mold where with plastic injection, magnetic tile (sintered ferrite) crack this is why? Think this question is quite interesting, below sorted out some replies from the netizen.

1504857237264502 - Is sintered ferrite magnetic tile how to appear crack reason?

AASA: Hot crack, generally need to preheat the mold effect is much better, you can try.
EREFS: The thermal shock at this temperature should be tolerable, the plastic is not very hot, see if it is not strong enough or has cracks in itself.
345345: Magnetic shingles (sintered ferrite) are injection molding, usually not heated! Through the pressure filter and then bake sintering!

Can the magnetic tile withstand 240 degrees?

Magnetic tile itself can withstand the temperature of 240 degrees, but magnetic tile and plastic co-casting generally use pressure casting, heating rate is very fast. It goes up to around 200 degrees in milliseconds or so. Normal magnetic tiles can’t withstand thermal shocks that fast. Magnetic tile is a ceramic material, its thermal shock performance is relatively poor. Try to preheat the mold first, so that the temperature of the magnetic tile to reduce the temperature impact of the subsequent die casting, or the die casting temperature to reduce a little try.



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