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Is permeability high or low in magnetic materials?

If we pay attention to permeability, it should be soft magnetic materials. In general, this line of materials can be divided into soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials. The difference between the two is the coercivity, which can be understood as the external magnetic field that must be applied for the magnetic loss.

Permeability is defined as the slope of the magnetization curve. In short, it is the ease of magnetization, which is opposite to coercivity.

1566435458943644 - Is permeability high or low in magnetic materials?

Requirements for soft magnetic materials: high permeability (especially initial permeability), low magnetic loss and good stability. Because the soft magnetic is used for continuous magnetization and demagnetization, the high permeability can be the corresponding external magnetic field changes very quickly. Of course, the higher the better.
Hard magnetic materials: high magnetic product energy, high coercivity, high Curie temperature and good stability are required. Hard magnet is also called permanent magnet. Generally, after the first magnetization, it will not be charged and demagnetized as often as soft magnet, so there is no need for high permeability.



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