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Is NdFeB radial multipole magnetic ring magnetized well?

Bonding is certainly no problem, sintering is more difficult, at present, many magnet manufacturers can’t do it. For the NdFeB radial multipole magnetic ring, it is necessary to customize the corresponding magnetizing fixture, otherwise it can not be magnetized, and the magnetization direction has to be produced according to the demand of the product itself.

Magnetization of NdFeB radial multipole magnetic ring has always been a difficult technology. How to solve these problems?

1456454766945102 - Is NdFeB radial multipole magnetic ring magnetized well?

1. Change to bonding Nd-Fe-B material
Sintered NdFeB has better magnetism, but it is not convenient to bond NdFeB in magnetization. Bonding NdFeB is made by adding magnetic powder into adhesive. Bonding is actually injection molding, while sintering is vacuum molding through high temperature heating. Because of the difference of the two production methods, it is easier to bond when magnetizing the radial multipole magnetic ring.
2. Cut to NdFeB tile for splicing
A Nd-Fe-B magnetic ring can be assembled into a magnetic ring by a plurality of magnetic tiles. Although there is one more step of splicing process, generally speaking, when the magnetic tile is spliced into a magnetic ring, the requirements can fully meet the requirements of the magnetic ring, and it will not produce any magnetic force and direction deviation.



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