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Is motor magnet 30 or 35 better?

Many netizens post on the Internet to ask, electric vehicle motor magnet N30 good or N35 good? Here, John makes a summary. There are mainly two kinds of answers to different questions about whether N30 is better or N35 is better.
1. I think N30 magnet is good.

  • 1. N30 magnet is more energy-saving. Actually, N30 magnet is more suitable than mileage. The efficiency point power of N35 magnet is higher. N30 magnet runs fast, and N35 magnet follows. It should be that N35 magnet loses power first.
  • 2. N30 magnet is cheaper. The material cost of N35 magnet is higher than that of N30 magnet.

2. It is considered that N35 magnet is better.

  • 1. N35 magnet has high torque and good climbing performance.
  • 2. N35’s good, to speed, is N35’s magnet, but speed rated voltage speed and N30’s magnet speed is the same, this has power, and save electricity.
  • 3. N35 is smaller than N30, and the range of power balance is higher.
  • 4. The acceleration uphill of N35 magnet saves electricity, and the even speed of N30 magnet saves electricity slightly, but the overall electricity saving situation of the two motors is almost the same.
  • 5. There is no way to compare N30 magnet steel with N35 magnet steel. You should compare N30 magnet steel with 45 magnet steel. Obviously, under the condition of no overpressure, the larger the magnet steel, the higher the efficiency, that is, the more power saving. I have used both motors.

PS: N30 referred to as 500 motor, N35 referred to as 800 motor.



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