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Is it good to use ferrite or NdFeB?

What is ferrite? What is NdFeB? Didn’t know anything about these two types of magnets until you got into Karedge? So ferrite and NdFeB specific difference where? Which magnet should I use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? In a period of time through the understanding of learning feel necessary to summarize some.
1. Appearance
Ferrite: Ferrite is loose and has no metallic luster. It is not electroplated and is usually black.
NdFeB: basic NdFeB to electroplating, otherwise it is easy to rust. The surface has a silvery white metallic luster.
2. Magnetically
Ferrite: according to the data, ferrite magnetic force is usually 800-1000 gauss, density is 5(g/cm3)
NdFeB: In the naked magnetic state, the magnetic force of NdFeB can reach about 3500 gauss. Density (7.5 g/cm3)
3. Performance
Ferrite: ferrite temperature resistance and stability are very good, in contrast to NdFeB ordinary temperature resistance is only 80 degrees. And the price is cheap.
NdfebNdFeB has the characteristics of small size, light weight and strong magnetism, magnetism and ferrite is not a level at all.
4. The price
Ferrite: ferrite price is cheap, a lot of it is to press a calculation, the appearance that the price follows ferrite, size, processing difficulty has an effect.
NdFeB: Now the price of NdFeB changes almost every day, depending on the brand and special requirements you need to use.
5. Advantages and disadvantages
The advantages of ferrite: the advantages of ferrite is high permeability, cheap, super temperature resistance, suitable for low-frequency occasions.
Disadvantages of ferrite: bad magnetic force.
NdFeB advantages: strong magnetic force, high cost performance, a wide range of uses, with good mechanical characteristics.
Disadvantages of NdFeB: poor temperature characteristics, fragile.
PS: the cheapest is ferrite magnet, the highest performance is NdFeB magnet, but the performance is the most stable.
As for the choice of ferrite or NdFeB, the key depends on your specific use where? A requirement for the magnet to be selected.



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