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Is 2000 Gauss magnet strong?

When we describe how much magnetic force a magnet needs, we often use Gauss as the unit. For example, the magnetic force of our magnet needs to reach more than 3000gs, or the magnetic value is 800-1200gs, but Gauss is not the standard international unit. The standard international unit is Tesla, 1 Tesla = 10000gs. We need to understand this for conversion,

I recently met a netizen’s question, is 2000 Gauss magnet strong?

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Many people here may have misunderstandings that the greater the Gauss value of the magnet, the stronger the magnetic force (suction) of the magnet. In fact, this is wrong. The Gauss of the magnet is related to the material, area and thickness of the magnet. For example, the NdFeB strong magnet of the same specification and the ceramic ferrite magnet, there is no doubt that the NdFeB will have a stronger magnetic field, but if the specification is different, that is to say If the Gauss value of NdFeB is larger than that of ferrite magnet, the magnetic force of ferrite may be stronger. Why? Because a larger mass (volume) creates a larger magnetic field.
Back to the question of the article, is the magnet strong? From 2000 Gauss, it can be judged that it is made of rare earth Nd-Fe-B material, because ferrite can’t reach such a high surface magnetism. For Nd-Fe-B magnets, it’s not strong, because the maximum of Nd-Fe-B magnets can reach more than 10000 Gauss. The commonly used magnet specifications on the market are 3000-4000 Gauss, but there are some special things. How special is it? It depends on the size of the magnet, It’s very strong to be able to reach 2000 Gauss, so when you ask questions like this, you’d better clarify the magnet specifications.
It should also be noted that the Gauss strength of magnets is not cumulative. For example, a magnet has 3000gs, and 10 such magnets in a product are not 30000 Gauss. However, the more magnets in the product, the closer the distance between magnets, the more uniform the magnetic field.



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