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How to store neodymium iron boron magnets?

When a company has a large demand for NdFeB magnet products, it needs to keep some stock of NdFeB magnets. Then there will be a problem, how to save the neodymium iron boron magnet?

  • 1. The neodymium-iron-boron strong magnetic material is hard, brittle, and has a strong magnetic field. It should be handled with care (especially large size and thin slices). When the strong magnet itself or other iron objects are attracted or separated, be careful not to impact. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the magnet or pinch fingers due to collision.
  • 2. Because NdFeB is a multi-metal alloy material with a density of 7.45, it is heavy and brittle. Therefore, be especially careful when handling to avoid magnetic shattering.
  • 3. Keep the environment dry during storage. Don’t stack them directly on the ground. It is best to put them on thick cardboard or put them on the shelves.
  • 4. If the magnet is taken vertically, it is not only difficult to remove, but also easily causes the magnet to collide and break. The correct way: gently break it to the side, and slowly slide it from the outside to the inside when you put it back.
  • 5. The warehouse temperature should not exceed 80℃, because exceeding this temperature will cause loss of magnetic performance.

Generally speaking, the environment is the first element of NdFeB magnet preservation. Keep a dry and normal room temperature environment, neodymium iron boron magnets are generally not damaged.



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