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How to simply and quickly determine the number of poles in the generator?

There are many friends are more concerned about how to look at the magnetic motor, magnetic steel is how many poles? Different people have their own different ways. I’ll share with you today. Do you think it’s ok?

The following is the practice sharing from a netizen, hoping to help those who are confused by the problem of magnetic steel due to coil replacement.

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Only a digital multimeter that can measure the frequency (or a separate electronic tachometer of the engine) is needed. When the car starts and the idle speed is stable, after the multimeter is adjusted to the frequency gear, two probes are put on the two output lines of the generator (any two of the three phases, There are only two single-phase motors). Take frequency reading 1 and record it. Then measure frequency reading 2 at the ignition line diagram of magneto. Now, how many times is reading 1 than reading 2? That’s a few pairs of magnets. If the multiple is 4, then the four pairs are 8-pole magnets. It’s the same to use another engine electronic tachometer alone (it’s several times of the tachometer on the front of the car).
Well, is his method very practical? Some netizens may also use this method, with a piece of magnet, North and south pole test, phase attraction. Phase row, get the number!
In fact, there are many ways to determine the pole number of the motor magnetic cylinder. For example, the ratio of the pole number of the magnetic cylinder to the pole number of the coil is 2:3, so the pole number of the magnetic cylinder can be easily calculated by counting the pole number of the coil. If the coil is 9 poles, the magnetic cylinder is 6 poles, and so on.



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