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How to shield or guide the magnetic field?

Ferromagnetic materials can be used to shield the magnetic field. Generally, we use ordinary iron plates. But we need to pay attention to the thickness of the iron plate. If the thickness is not enough, the iron plate is in the state of magnetic saturation, it can only shield part of the magnetic field, and part of the magnetic lines of force will still diverge. The key to guide the magnetic field to form the magnetic circuit is to select the material with high permeability, appropriate size and shape, and reduce the magnetic leakage.

How to shield the magnet during transportation?

1565053794162663 - How to shield or guide the magnetic field?

How can magnets be packaged to minimize their magnetism? Below by Al magnetic electric tips to teach you how to pack magnets and to weaken the magnetic.
The following good packaging methods for magnets are for reference only:

  • 1. The use of packaging materials, high permeability materials will wrap up the magnet, so that most of the magnetic lines generated by the magnet pass through the high permeability materials, which can shield the magnet! To make the shielding effect good, and high permeability materials, generally with iron sheet on the line!
  • 2. Iron has the function of shielding magnetic field, the best way is to use iron box to install large magnets, so the magnetic force will be weakened a lot
  • 3. Packing with bubble cushion outside the iron box
  • 4. It is packed in cartons and packed with bubble cotton in the middle to make shielding board.
  • 5. Put the pin on 6 sides of the carton to test, there is no obvious suction, otherwise increase the size of the carton.



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