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How to separate NdFeB magnets together

Users who have never used NdFeB products will be surprised by the powerful magnetic force of NdFeB. It is difficult to separate the two NdFeB magnets that are held together. So how to separate NdFeB together?
When the magnets cannot be separated from each other, it is recommended to push them horizontally and stagger.
Fix the entire magnet with your left hand, and use your index finger and thumb with your right hand to move the magnet horizontally.
Do not throw the removed magnets back into the magnet pile immediately after removing them. Please isolate the magnets immediately.
Handle with care, and wrap the taken out paper in a thick place away from iron or magnetic objects (about 16 cm) or with paper. This is safer.
If you need to put the magnet back into the whole magnet, please put it back slowly, starting from the edge at a close distance. The hand must hold the magnet until the magnet has moved in.
When packaging neodymium iron boron products with strong magnetic force, we will place a gasket in the middle of the product, which makes it extremely convenient for users to use. As shown below.

20150119154831 27779 - How to separate NdFeB magnets together20150119154852 53565 - How to separate NdFeB magnets together

The white in the middle of the NdFeB picture is the gasket. This gasket is placed in the middle of the round NdFeB magnet. Makes access very convenient.



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