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How to prevent fracture of NdFeB magnet drilling

NdFeB magnets often need to be drilled during the machining process, so how can the drilling of NdFeB magnets prevent fracture?

Machine tools

The most commonly used NdFeB drilling procedures are instrument lathes, bench drills and professional NdFeB borehole lathes. The stability and quality of the lathe are important factors to prevent fracture in NdFeB machining.
For middle-hole neodymium iron boron magnets whose inner hole is less than 8mm, the most commonly used instrument lathe is the instrument lathe.

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Bench drills are necessary lathes for drilling some tiles. In addition, the fixtures for the product should be made to fix the product.
Borehole lathe is a lathe used for middle-hole NdFeB magnet products with an inner hole of 8mm or more.


Alloy tool is a necessary tool for drilling. It is usually used in conjunction with instrument lathes and bench drills. This tool must be a special cemented carbide tool for neodymium iron boron magnets. Non-dedicated alloy tools will cause fracture of NdFeB drilling.

Cool down

During the processing of neodymium iron boron magnets, the high temperature generated by the cutting tool requires water and oil to cool down, otherwise the neodymium iron boron magnet will be broken.
We do not recommend users to drill the NdFeB magnet by themselves.



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