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How to measure Gauss value of cylindrical magnet?

Cylindrical magnet, a common magnet in production, is usually made of NdFeB and ferrite. But there are some friends who haven’t seen it very much, and they don’t know its magnetization method and Gauss value. Today we’ll introduce it to you.

What are the magnetization methods of cylindrical magnets?

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Generally, there are two types: radial and axial. Generally, the ones with higher height than diameter are radial, and the ones with thinner thickness are axial. Of course, this is not necessarily based on the actual needs of customers.

How to measure the Gauss value of cylindrical magnet?

Many people don’t know how to measure the Gauss value of a cylindrical magnet? Where to measure? In fact, the magnet has two positions to measure the Gauss value, one is the smooth part at both ends, and the other is the smooth side of the surface. It depends on the material and cutting direction that the magnet manufacturer chooses when customizing the magnet.
The normal ordinary cylindrical magnet moves smoothly in the plane through Gauss meter at both ends, and selects the highest Gauss value. The side magnet needs to use Gauss meter to move smoothly on the side to select the highest Gauss value range. In this way, the Gauss value of cylindrical magnet is measured and the Gauss value range of magnet is selected.



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