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How to levitate a magnet?

In this world, there are basically only products you can’t expect, no products that can’t be made. If the suspension product is suspended in the magnetic field, this seemingly simple product actually contains a lot of expertise in magnetism, so how to make the magnet levitate? What conditions do magnet suspension need to have?

In general, the magnetic field can be generated by the winding coil with specific winding method. If the magnet is placed in the magnetic field, the magnet will be subject to the magnetic force. If we want to control the magnet not to fall down, we need to make the magnetic field generated by the coil change at any time according to the posture of the magnet in the air, so as to adjust the magnetic field to support the magnet all the time.

What are the conditions for magnet suspension?

If you want to levitate a magnet, you need to have a strong magnetic field. After all, the magnetic field of a permanent magnet is limited. In order to increase the magnetic force, you must rely on external force. Electromagnet is a good choice. When you increase the coil, the magnetic force will increase with the increase of the coil. The size of the magnetic force is only one of the factors. The weight of the magnet itself is also very important, and the weight of the magnet is closely related to the magnetic force size dependent, only in continuous testing to verify.



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