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How to judge the pole surface of magnet?

How can a magnet distinguish its N-pole and S-pole?

Without the help of auxiliary equipment, it must be impossible for everyone to distinguish them. So our magnet manufacturer can touch the surface with Gauss meter, and then the device will automatically mark the direction of the magnetic pole on the touch surface, and then we can easily judge the opposite magnetic pole. but if the magnet is not magnetic (not charged), how can we judge the magnetic absorption surface? Let’s talk about it.

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First, the analysis is made by the appearance size. Generally, the circular strong magnet is a large surface of the pole surface. Unless it is specially customized, the magnet belongs to the magnetic pole surface which can be distinguished by the naked eye. But one is square, the direction is the same, the naked eye can not judge and distinguish the size difference. So, our magnet manufacturer can take a strong magnet with magnetism (n, s) on it, and then suck the magnet to the magnet without magnetism. Then observe and see that the magnet is absorbed on the other side. Then the side that is absorbed is the magnetic pole surface, and the opposite side is also the magnetic pole surface, and the other sides are side.
Although it seems that it is not very important to look at the magnetic pole surface, it is required for certain specific products. Otherwise, the product may not be used normally and cause losses. Therefore, when customizing the magnet, the magnetizing direction must be clear and correct to the ferro manufacturer, and it cannot be casually.



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