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How to judge the magnetizing direction of magnet quickly?

If there is no tool, it can be judged by adsorption that the surface with strong magnetic force is the direction of magnetization, that is, the surface with strong magnetic force. You can also see how the two magnets are attracted at the first time by holding one magnet in each hand. If they are first adsorbed on the peripheral side of the magnet, it is radial; otherwise, it is axial. In addition, it can also be detected by magnetic pole test piece.

Some friends will ask what is the magnetic pole test piece. The principle of the magnetic pole test piece is actually to put some iron powder in the interlayer, and then clamp it with transparent things. When there is a magnetic force, the magnetic powder of the interlayer will be attracted, and there is no magnetic powder in the non-magnetic area, so the distribution of magnetic poles can be observed.

  • 1. Function: the magnetic pole test piece can test the magnetization stage, magnetization mode, strong magnetic surface and weak magnetic surface of the magnet.
  • 2. Identification method: test the magnetization stage of magnet: the magnetization stage of magnet product can be clearly seen when the magnet product is placed in the development area of magnetic sheet, and the magnetization stage of magnet product is even.

Identify the magnetization methods of magnets: the magnetization methods of magnet products are axial magnetization and radial magnetization. For axial magnetized products, the dividing line between North and south poles, which divides the height (i.e. thickness) of the magnet into two parts, can be seen on the height surface of the magnet. The radial magnetization product is evenly divided into several parts.
Identification of strong magnetic surface and weak magnetic surface: for multi-stage magnetized products, the magnetic force of one magnetic surface is stronger or weaker than that of the other. In the developing area of the magnetic pole test piece, it can be distinguished according to the clarity of the magnetic decomposition line. The clear side of the magnetic field line is the strong magnetic surface, and the slightly fuzzy side is the weak magnetic surface.



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