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How to identify the magnetic force of a magnet?

How to judge the magnetic force of a magnet? How to identify the magnetic force of a magnet? I’d like to share with you today.
In our life, there are a lot of magnet materials, because with him, the equipment can help us well in the process of using, and can make a lot of work become very smooth, so now there are many products on the market, such as ferrite magnet, NdFeB magnet and so on. Different magnets have different magnetism, so how can we do it It’s good to know what kind of magnets are powerful in terms of magnetism:

  • The first method: take a variety of different magnets to suck the paper clip and see how far apart it can be absorbed.
  • The second method: put the magnet in the box of iron nails to see which one attracts the most iron nails.
  • The third method is to draw iron blocks on the magnet, and then use a sensitive spring scale to pull the iron blocks to see the indication of the spring scale when pulling the iron blocks.
  • The fourth method: put a little paper clip on the cardboard, put the magnet under the cardboard, the paper clip will run everywhere, and then put paper clips on the paper. At this time, some paper clips don’t move so fast and inflexible. Later, with more and more paper clips, it moves more and more inflexible. Finally, the magnet won’t move. Compare the number of paper clips when the magnet doesn’t move The larger the number, the stronger the magnetism of the magnet.
  • The fifth method: put the small iron nail on the paper, take the magnet to try under the paper, slowly increase the thickness of the paper until the magnet can’t hold it, and then count the number of sheets of paper.

Through the above five methods, we can well know what kind of magnets we want in the process of using, at the same time, we can protect them well in the process of using, and at the same time, we need to pay attention to the safety in the process of using.



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