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How to distinguish the quality of strong magnet quickly

The strong magnet is the strong NdFeB magnet, which has better performance and quality than ferrite. The strong NdFeB magnet can absorb 640 times more weight than itself, and the title of “ciwang” comes from it.
I don’t know the quality of the strong magnet I bought on the market. How to distinguish the quality of strong magnet quickly?
There are two ways to evaluate the quality of Nd-Fe-B magnets:

  • 1. Product performance;
  • 2. Product appearance.

Product performance

Strong Nd-Fe-B magnets are unified standards, the main indicators are remanence, coercivity, magnetic energy product grade, etc. Strong NdFeB magnets of different sizes can be distinguished by Gauss sum, and the quality and performance of the magnet can be distinguished by Gauss sum. Coercivity can only pass through the magnetic characteristic tester, generally there is no such condition for the user to test.

Product appearance

You can take it up to test the appearance of the product. It mainly depends on five aspects of appearance:

  • (1) Pitting: including bubbles. Scar, electroplating tumor, slag layer, local thickness;
  • (2) Edge chipping: edge chipping, residual material;
  • (3) Scratch: knife mark, line mark, nail scratch, etc;
  • (4) Crack: crack, etc;
  • (5) Sand holes: pinholes, air holes, particles, etc., also depends on whether there are missing edges and corners around, whether the electroplating is in good condition, and whether the size meets the design requirements. NdFeB magnets are coated to prevent the surface of magnets from being corroded and rusted. The same specification is placed on a plane that can be adsorbed, which can be used to identify the size of magnetic force.

The demagnetization curve can also be used to analyze and measure the magnetic properties of magnets.

The above is the method to detect the quality of strong NdFeB magnets, hoping to help you quickly identify the quality of strong magnets.

Source: China Permanent Magnet Manufacturer



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