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How to detect the quality of magnet coating?

Because of the poor corrosion resistance of NdFeB magnet, it is generally necessary to carry out an electroplating to enhance the corrosion resistance. Most magnet manufacturers send magnets to the electroplating factory for electroplating processing, so how to detect the electroplating quality and the coating quality? What are the detection methods? How to detect the coating quality? Let’s talk about it today.

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The quality of coating directly affects the service life of NdFeB magnets. The main methods for the quality detection of NdFeB coating are as follows;
1. Visual inspection of appearance
The appearance is mainly observed by naked eye, and it is best under natural light (sunlight, non direct direction), or under fluorescent lamp with illumination equivalent to 40W. There should be no blistering, peeling, partial plating and uneven color, stains, water stains, etc.
2. Coating thickness measurement;
3. Drop test (mainly for galvanized products);
4. Grid test (generally used for nickel plated products);
5. Cold and heat test;
6. PCT pressure test;
7. SST salt spray test;
8. Constant temperature and humidity test, etc.
At present, the main plating technologies of magnet include: zinc plating, nickel plating, nickel plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, black nickel plating, epoxy coating, chromium plating and color zinc plating. How long does it take for magnet plating? This is not specific, generally depends on what products the customer uses. Moreover, whether the salt spray test is required, if it is required to pass the salt fog, the plating time will be longer, and the required time is 3-4 hours!



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