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How to detect the performance and quality of NdFeB magnet manufacturers?

Have magnet sample, do not know exactly what property, how to do? Usually the general magnet salesman will let you send the sample over, then send the past magnet manufacturer is how to detect the performance of the magnet? What kind of instrument is usually used for testing?
Micrometer, vernier caliper, gaussian meter, flux meter, film thickness meter and other measuring tools are generally used in the detection of NdFeB magnets with samples.
Micrometer and vernier calipers mainly measure the tolerance size of NdFeB magnet, unit mm.
Gauss meter mainly measures the magnetic force of a point on the surface of the magnet, unit Gauss, because the magnetic force of each point on the surface of the magnet is different, and the edge of the magnetic force is higher than the center of the magnetic force, so the data error measured is large, generally to the center of the table magnetic prevail.

Then there is the magnet electrocoating, this visual inspection can know what coating, coating quality directly affects the service life of NdFeB.

1475653021754848 - How to detect the performance and quality of NdFeB magnet manufacturers?

The main detection methods of NdFeB coating quality are: visual inspection, coating thickness measurement, drop test (mainly for galvanized products), scratch test (generally used for nickel plating products), quenching heat test, PCT pressure test, SST salt spray test, constant temperature and humidity test, etc.

What is a film thickness gauge?

The film thickness instrument mainly measures the electroplating thickness of finished NdFeB magnet. The film thickness instrument can effectively monitor the quality of electroplating. The flexible adjustment can be made when the magnet is electroplating.
The last one is the magnetometer. The magnetometer mainly measures the magnetic force of one surface of NdFeB magnet, unit Weber WB. Compared with the Gaussian meter, the data measured by the magnetometer is more objective and accurate. General magnet manufacturers will choose a flux meter to test finished NdFeB magnets.
If the magnet requirements are relatively high, the most accurate way is to use the demagnetization curve analyzer to measure the magnetic energy of the magnet.



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