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How to demagnetize NdFeB magnets?

How to demagnetize NdFeB magnets? Customers often ask this question.

Neodymium iron boron magnet is widely used. In production practice, it needs to be assembled after demagnetization, or be treated for other use after demagnetization. The requirements of users are higher and higher, and the ways and contents are more and more. How to demagnetize neodymium iron boron magnet? First of all, neodymium iron boron is strong magnetism, and its intrinsic coercivity is high, which is difficult to demagnetize. Therefore, demagnetizing neodymium iron boron needs to use high-energy pulse demagnetizer The demagnetization machine with AC magnetic field is not good. Even the pulse demagnetization machine needs enough energy. Only when the demagnetization coil is small, the demagnetization voltage is high, and the energy storage capacity is large, can the demagnetization effect be achieved.

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Due to the strong magnetism of NdFeB, demagnetization is very clean and difficult. Generally, the surface magnetism of more than 1000 Gauss is normal.
At present, there are only two better ways to demagnetize NdFeB. One is to demagnetize NdFeB at high temperature. The temperature is generally above 800 degrees. This requires the purchase of a heating furnace, which consumes a lot of energy. It is difficult for ordinary units and individuals to do so. The other is to use the demagnetizer mentioned above.



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