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How to choose a good magnet supplier?

There is an old saying that men are afraid to get into the wrong business and women are afraid to marry the wrong man. For a factory that needs magnets, it is very important to choose a good magnet supplier, which will affect the delivery time of the company and the production and operation of the company?
In my opinion, a high-quality magnet supplier should have the following conditions:
1. It’s a manufacturer.
What do you think? Most companies now have website. we can find out whether it’s the manufacturer’s certification or not by querying the information. If it’s convenient, we can also make a field investigation.
2. There is a formal business record.
A company that has not been put on record is not a good company. It is likely to be a liar. How do we see whether it is a company that has been put on record? This we can query through the webmaster tool, input you need to query the other company website address can see. There are almost no companies without websites these days. The query results are as follows:
3. The supplier has been operating for a long time.
The longer a company operates, the more favorable and trustworthy it is for us.
4. Strict quality control of supplied goods.
The quality of a company directly affects the survival of the company. A company without quality is doomed to be a company for a short time. Our company successfully passed is09001:2008 quality management system certification.
5. Good reputation of suppliers on the Internet.
We can check whether the supplier has any bad records on the Internet through the Internet, such as bad credit, poor quality, fraud, etc. if there are bad records, you should be careful. Maybe the tragedy will happen to you.
6. Strong magnet supplier
What is the strength of the supplier? We can find out which companies the supplier cooperates with. If the supplier cooperates with some powerful companies, the strength and quality of the supplier will not be worse.
7. The attitude of the supplier’s sales staff is good.
The attitude of some sales staff is really not flattering. Just imagine that they are so patient when selling. How can after-sales be better? Therefore, we think of those who have professional knowledge of magnet production, pay attention to quality, have good service attitude, have formal business record and certification, and have been operating in the industry for a long time. Karic just meets the above conditions.



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