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How to buy block magnets

What is a block magnet?

block magnet is also called square magnet. It is a hexahedral magnet with straight sides and all angles are right angles (90 degrees). The sides of the magnet are parallel.

Block magnet is one of the most common shapes of magnets, and it is also widely used. At present, the most commonly used ones in the market are ferrite square magnet and neodymium magnet. They can also be processed into irregular magnets with different shapes, such as chamfering, slotting and so on.

Types of square powerful magnets

Square magnet, including square magnet and rectangular magnet, is another widely used magnet shape after the circular NdFeB magnet. In our daily life, this kind of magnet is used in door suction and smart phones. Secondly, some electronic products, induction equipment, bags, plastic hardware, motor fields, etc. will be used.
Square magnet is a common quadrilateral magnet in many people’s eyes. In fact, it is not. It has been processed into various styles by magnet manufacturers, such as punching (middle hole, eccentric hole), slotting, chamfering and so on.

Square block magnet

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Square block magnet, we are very common, common used in various aspects, the shape is square.

Rectangular block magnet

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A magnet shaped like a square.

Concave block magnet

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It belongs to irregular magnet.

Countersunk block magnet

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What is the introduction of block countersink magnet?
In order to assemble or fix, it is necessary to use counterbore together with screws.
What are the advantages of block countersunk magnets?
Block countersunk magnet is more upgrading and Optimization on the basis of ordinary magnet. Using his unique shape features to provide more help for people. These are more convenient experiences that people get through research and development.
The advantage of block countersunk magnet shape is that the small hole in the middle of it can provide a lot of help when people carry out fixed work, which is the unique charm of square countersunk magnet. The reason why people use it so widely is because of its advantages in this field. These are the advantages of square countersunk magnet.
Is block countersunk magnet expensive?
Block countersunk magnet in the processing to be relatively complex, the price will be slightly higher, with the size, performance, temperature and other relations, welcome to provide magnet drawings to us for quotation.

Multipole block magnet

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Multipole square magnet is a magnetization method of magnet, which can be planar multipole or radiation multipole. But there are only two poles in the magnet, only the distribution is different. There is not much relationship between the strength of magnetic force and the number of magnetizing poles. The strength of magnetic force is classified according to the national standard. Whether to use a multipole magnet depends on its application.

What are the magnetizing methods of square magnet?

Don’t be careless when purchasing square magnets. It’s necessary to find out the magnetizing direction you want
There are many ways to magnetize a square magnet, which is different from that of a circular magnet. If you are not clear about the way to magnetize a square magnet, you’d better confirm with your company colleagues to see which side is the use side, because once you make a mistake or expression, the magnet will be scrapped, and your product may not meet the expectation or cannot be used at all, resulting in immeasurable losses.
There are three ways to magnetize the square magnet, which are thickness magnetization, that is, the upper and lower two large faces are strong magnetic faces. Side magnetization, that is, the left and right sides have strong magnetic force. The end face is magnetized, i.e. the length is 2, and the end area has strong magnetic force. This may not be easy to understand. Take a look at the figure below.

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Thickness magnetization  Side magnetization Side magnetization

Most of the square NdFeB magnets are magnetized on the large side, also called thickness direction magnetization. Of course, this is not necessarily true. Some magnets also need side magnetization.

Many friends don’t know about the magnetization of the square magnet, and they don’t know how to express it, so customers often make mistakes. For example, a square magnet is 15mm long, 4mm wide and 3mm thick. If the 3 * 15 surface is the strong magnetic surface, the magnet is F3 * 15 * 4, and 4 is the magnetization direction. If a square magnet, 9mm in width, 7mm in height and 25mm in length, needs to use the magnetic force at the two ends of the magnet, then it is expressed as F7 * 9 * 25, which is the magnetization method of the third picture. It is not clear. You are welcome to point out the magnetization method you need in the above picture and send it to us.

Formula for calculating the weight of block magnet

The density of magnets of different materials is different, for example, the density of ferrite magnet is 4.9.
For example, F20 * 10 * 3 is calculated as 7.5
The calculation formula is: 20 * 10 * 3 * 7.5/1000 = 4.5g, multiply the quantity by the quantity.

How much is the magnetism of a square powerful magnet?

  • Powerful magnet F70 * 15 * 3mm, surface magnet 1390gs.
  • N35 / f9.9 * 4.9 * 0.7, surface magnetic 1270gs.
  • N35 / F50 * 20 * 10, surface magnetic 3291gs.
  • N35 / F50 * 10 * 5, surface strength 2790gs.
  • N35 has F20 * 10 * 1 performance and 870gs surface magnetism.
  • N42 / 3x3x20mm Nd-Fe-B, surface magnetic 4500gs.
  • 45H/10x3x2mm,3100GS.

Why are square magnets more expensive than disc magnets?

The processing cost of square magnet directly affects the quotation, which is mainly affected by three factors: batch number (ladder quotation), specification and shape (square generally has conventional cuboid, trapezoid, with hole and countersunk hole), tolerance dimension (especially small square magnet, which is used in micro precision instrument, has strict tolerance control; if the process can not be achieved, it needs to be selected manually and has a high scrap rate). In short, the smaller the batch, the higher the quotation; the more complex the shape, the higher the processing cost; the more strict the tolerance, the higher the processing cost.
Square magnets are relatively expensive. Is it more expensive? Yes, the square magnet is more expensive than the circular magnet, which depends on the processing technology.
When the magnet is not processed, it is the raw material blank. The blank of the square magnet is the square type, and the blank of the circular magnet is the cylindrical type. From this, we can see that my circular disc is formed when I use the slicer to cut one knife, and there is no waste. The number of knives for the square magnet is 3, and the waste is more.
There are no more than two kinds of magnets in great demand. One is the circular magnet, and the other is the square magnet. Because it is more conventional and common, most manufacturers can produce them, and the price is not enough. Especially for those who have no requirements for magnets, what they care about is just a price. Whoever has a low price will do it for them.
In addition to the price, one of the factors affecting the transaction is the delivery time. Many customers ask you how long the delivery time of square magnets will take?
It takes about 10-12 days for the magnet to be formed by cutting three times. If you want to catch up, you can mention it. However, for overtime work, you still have to pay for some urgent expenses.

Writing format of block magnet

L is length, W is width and H is thickness. The expression format of square magnet is adding an F in front, such as F7 * 9 * 25MM, which represents a rectangular square magnet with a length of 25mm, a width of 9mm and a thickness of 7mm. The last number is the magnetization direction, and the surface of 7×9 is the strong magnetic surface.

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L* W * H (Magnetization surface)
for example: 10 * 5 * 2 (Represents thickness magnetization)

Magnet manufacturers teach you how to choose high quality square magnets?

After the magnet manufacturers have processed magnets in the previous series of production processes, the packaging process is also the top priority. In the process of packaging square magnets, the test is the magnet manufacturers’ requirements for the quality of square magnets. Today, I would like to share with you how to select high-quality square magnets in the packaging process.
First of all, what you can see is a lot of square magnets filled with magnets in our factory. These square magnets are very messy. We need to put them on our workbench, and the packing staff should arrange them and clean them up. Only when we look at them can we pick out the unqualified products.
We will be missing corners, cracks, abnormal thickness and other unqualified square magnets selected and placed in the defective box, neatly arranged, our packaging staff can pack into the carton, paste the product label, indicate the basic information of the product, waiting for warehousing and shipment.

How to buy block magnets?

  • 1. Provide accurate material, performance, specification and dimensional tolerance of block magnet.
  • 2. The customer provides the drawing / sample of the square magnet.
  • 3. Our company provides the quotation of square magnet (proofing fee, proofing time, unit price, delivery time)
  • 4. Customers confirm quotation, sign purchase contract and pay advance payment.
  • 5. In strict accordance with customer demand for square magnet proofing.
  • 6. The customer confirms the sample of the square magnet, and then makes the bulk of the square magnet after OK.
  • 7. The company provides a large sample of square magnets, packaged and ready to go pictures.
  • 8. The customer confirms to pay the balance and issue the invoice for delivery.

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