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How to buy arc magnets

What is a arc magnet?

Definition of arc magnet: the arc magnet is a kind of permanent magnet, which is mainly used in permanent magnet motor.

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Classification of arc magnet

According to the magnetic material, it can be divided into four types:

  • Alnico: alnico permanent magnetic material is one of the earliest widely used permanent magnetic materials, and its preparation process and technology are relatively mature. At present, there are factories in Japan, the United States, Europe, Russia and China. Among the large-scale production enterprises, the output of Hangzhou permanent magnet ranks first in China, with an annual capacity of 3000 tons.
  • Permanent ferrite materials: in the 1950s, ferrite began to flourish, especially in the 1970s, strontium ferrite with good performance in coercivity and magnetic energy machine was put into production, rapidly expanding the use of permanent ferrite. As a non-metallic magnetic material, ferrite has no disadvantages of metal permanent magnetic materials, such as easy oxidation, low Curie temperature and high cost, so it is very popular.
  • Samarium cobalt material: a kind of permanent magnetic material with excellent magnetic properties, which emerged in the mid-1960s, and its performance is very stable. Samarium cobalt is especially suitable for manufacturing motors in terms of magnetic properties, but because of its high price, it is mainly used in the research and development of military motors such as aviation, aerospace, weapons and high-tech fields with high performance, but the price is not the main factor.
  • Neodymium iron boron material: neodymium iron boron magnetic material is an alloy of neodymium and iron oxide, also known as magnetic steel. With the advantages of high magnetic energy product and coercive force, and high energy density, NdFeB permanent magnet materials have been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology, which makes it possible to miniaturize, lighten and thin the instruments, electroacoustic motors, magnetic separation and magnetization equipment. Because it contains a lot of neodymium and iron, it is easy to rust. Surface chemical passivation is one of the best solutions.

According to the shape, it can be divided into three types:

  • 1. Concentric different R magnetic tile.
  • 2. Concentric and concentric r-tile.
  • 3. Magnetic tile with different center and different R.

Application of arc magnet

Magnetic tile is mainly used in permanent magnet DC motor. Different from electromagnetic motor, permanent magnet motor uses permanent magnet material to produce constant magnetic potential source. Permanent magnet tile has many advantages instead of electric excitation, such as simple structure, convenient maintenance, light weight, small volume, reliable use, less copper consumption, low copper consumption, low energy consumption, etc.

Influence of magnetic tile performance on motor

  • (1) High residual magnetic induction br. Because in the same pole surface area and air gap, high br can produce large output torque and high power. The motor will have higher efficiency.
  • (2) High HCB. Because of the high HCB, the motor can output the required electromotive force, make the working point of the motor close to the maximum magnetic energy product, and make full use of the ability of the magnet.
  • (3) High Hcj. Hcj high can ensure that the motor has strong resistance to overload, demagnetization, anti aging and low temperature resistance.
  • (4) High (BH) max. The higher the (BH) max is, the better the operating coefficient of the permanent ferrite in the motor is.
  • (5) The larger the magnetic energy, the better, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the motor.
  • (6) The better the rectangularity of demagnetization curve is, the smaller the dynamic loss is.
  • (7) The higher the resistivity of permanent ferrite, the smaller the eddy current loss.
  • (8) The temperature coefficient of permanent ferrite is small, so it has good temperature stability at high temperature
  • (9) The starting current is small and the time constant is small. The impact on the power supply is small.

Magnetization mode of magnetic tile

  • 1. The magnetic tile is magnetized separately, then installed in the casing, and then assembled as a whole;
  • 2. The magnetic tile is installed in the casing (glued) and then magnetized, and then assembled as a whole;
  • 3. The magnetic tile is installed in the casing (glued), and then the finished product is assembled, and finally the whole magnetization is completed.

Brief history of development

The development of the magnetic tile is based on the demand of the permanent magnet motor itself.

Production process of magnetic tile

According to the different materials and types, the process of magnetic tile is also very different.
The ferrite magnetic tile is mainly sintered ferrite, and NdFeB magnetic tile is divided into two types: sintering and bonding.
1. The production process of sintered ferrite magnetic tile is mainly divided into wet pressure, dry pressure and dry pressure. The difference between the two is whether there is a magnetic field orientation during press forming. Here, the wet pressure process is mainly introduced
The wet pressing process is as follows: raw material – pre burning – coarse grinding (primary ball milling) – batching – secondary ball milling (wet grinding) – magnetic field forming sintering grinding cleaning magnetization. Because the molding slurry contains water, the particles can be easily turned in magnetic field, so the higher orientation degree is obtained than the dry pressure difference performance, and the performance is higher.
2. Sintered NdFeB magnetic tile: batching – smelting – crushing – powder making – magnetic field forming – isostatic pressure – vacuum sintering and tempering – wire cutting, etc. – electroplating – magnetizing.

Why is the magnetic tile prone to fracture?

Many friends who buy tile have such a question. Why are the goods received more or less broken, what is the matter? Today, I will introduce you to you.
The problem of breaking of magnetic tile products has been perplexing the enterprises, companies and individuals who often use permanent magnet motor. What causes the breaking of the tile products? This paper is a special analysis of the reasons for the breaking of the products.
Next, we analyze the fracture reason of the tile product from the whole production process of the machine at the source of the magnetic tile.

Raw materials of magnetic tile

The quality of raw materials will directly affect the quality of the magnetic tile. If there is no fracture before, it is necessary to know whether the manufacturer of the tile has changed itself, such as the original raw material, but the process during the processing has changed, or whether there is any problem in the processing time and ball milling state. These are all the reasons for the breaking of the magnetic tile .

The forming treatment of magnetic tile

In the case that there is no problem in the raw materials and raw material processing process, the possibility of magnetic circuit fracture can be eliminated when they are normal. At this time, the forming treatment of the tile manufacturer shall be checked. See whether the newly formed blank has soft angle, stratification, and texture asymmetry after breaking, etc. which may lead to fracture under the condition of press.

Sintering technology of magnetic tile

The rationality of sintering process and the control of temperature curve of the magnetic tile by the manufacturer are all the problems that should be paid attention to in sintering. If there is a problem in this stage, the quality of the tile products will be different, and the fracture will occur.

The processing wear of magnetic tile

If the workpiece is in the processing state for a long time, wear will occur. Once the tool does not match with the fast speed, too much feed and insufficient cooling water, it will break easily.
Although the manufacturer of magnetic tile will inspect the products before leaving the factory, it may be caused by some slack. Is there any further understanding of the cause of the fracture of the tile products now?

Is the high performance wet pressing magnetic tile a rare earth permanent magnet?

As for wet pressure magnetic tile, many people may not know the term very well. Today, we will introduce some problems of high performance wet pressure magnetic tile.

  • 1. Is the high performance wet pressure magnetic tile rare earth permanent magnet?
  • This is the problem just seen today. Wet pressing magnetic tile is one of the processes of ferrite magnetic tile. In addition, dry pressing is also available. The magnetic properties of wet pressed magnetic tile are higher, which belong to ferrite permanent magnet, not rare earth permanent magnet (we often refer to neodymium ferroboron).
  • 2. Where is the high performance wet pressure magnetic tile mainly used?
  • High performance wet pressure magnetic tile is mainly used in automobile, frequency conversion appliances and other industries. Among them, automobile products are widely used in three parts and accessories of automobile engine, chassis and body, such as starting motor, wiper motor, window shaking motor, air purification motor, electric seat, ABS motor, fan motor, etc.
  • 3. What is the process of wet pressure magnetic tile production?
  • Raw material – pre – firing – coarse grinding (primary ball milling) – batching – secondary ball milling (wet grinding) – magnetic field forming sintering grinding cleaning magnetization.

How to buy arc magnets?

In the process of electric sharing vehicle production, engine is the “heart” of the car. If the heart is not good, the car won’t run for a few days. If you want to produce a good engine, you must buy high-quality motor arc magnets.
Here we first need to understand several concepts, first is what is the motor magnetic tile? What are the factors that affect the second motor tile?
In fact, the motor magnetic tile is also a kind of permanent magnet, because the shape is the shape of tile, mainly used in permanent magnet motor, motor, so it is called motor magnetic tile. Permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnet material to produce a constant potential source. It has simple structure, convenient maintenance, light weight, small volume, reliable use and low energy consumption.
The better the performance of the motor magnetic tile, the better the performance of the motor. The higher the performance of the residual magnetic induction strength, magnetic sense coercive force, intrinsic coercive force and the maximum magnetic energy product, the higher the magnetic energy, the better, which will greatly improve the working efficiency of the motor. Therefore, most of them are made of NdFeB magnets.

There are also magnet suppliers who have to choose well. Whether there is this strength, price and delivery period is in line with the expectation.

Specification writing format of motor arc magnet

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  • R outer arc * r inner arc * W chord width * l axis length * h arch height * t wall thickness

Drawing of motor magnetic tile

In the case of no sample of magnetic tile, the drawing of magnetic tile is also more important for the magnet manufacturer, which is related to the accuracy of the magnetic tile. Therefore, it is necessary to customize the magnetic tile (ferrite tile) of motor NdFeB tile type magnet), the magnet salesman will ask you for the drawing of the tile, as well as the required purchase quantity, material, etc., and then give you the price.
It may be a little confused for customers who seldom touch this part or use it for the first time. What key data should magnetic tile provide? Is there a 2D drawing of magnetic tile (2D drawing) for reference?
The following is the drawing and key data annotation of motor tile magnet.

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Which side is N pole and S pole of tile (ARC) magnet?

Which side of the N-pole and S-pole of the arc-shaped or tile shaped magnet is mainly depends on the customer’s magnetization method. Most motor customers require that the tile shaped magnet be magnetized in pairs, that is, two magnets, one with the N-pole on the outer arc surface and the other with the S-pole on the outer arc surface and the N-pole on the inner arc surface. In order to distinguish the N-pole and S-pole, the magnet manufacturer will use a white marker on the magnet Draw lines for customer identification.

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There are also customers who have clear requirements for the N-pole S pole of arc magnet, such as the outer arc surface must be s pole or N pole, and the drawing requirements shall be attached.

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For the arc magnet without N-pole and S-pole, if the company has Gauss meter, it can test directly, and the words “N” or “S” will appear on the Gauss meter display screen, which is very simple.

What is the difference between parallel magnetization and radial magnetization of tile magnet?

There are three kinds of magnetization methods commonly used for tile magnet (magnetic tile): radial magnetization, width magnetization and thickness magnetization?
Parallel magnetization, we can understand it in this way, the magnetic line of force in and out of the axis direction is parallel magnetization.
Schematic diagram of tile magnet magnetization
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In the application of motor, the pole to pole flux leakage of radial magnetization motor is also significantly larger than that of parallel magnetization motor. The air gap flux density of radial magnetization tends to be rectangular wave, which is more suitable for brushless DC motor and DC motor. For the inner rotor structure, parallel magnetization is better, while for the outer rotor structure, the opposite is true.

How to choose a good arc magnets manufacturer?

As we all know, magnets are widely used in our lives, almost involving all walks of life. Many people know about magnets, but they don’t know that magnets are divided into many kinds,
As we call it today, the arc magnet is also one of the magnets, which are mainly used in motor motors.

The following figure shows a tile magnet (magnetic tile)

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At present, there are many manufacturers producing tile magnets in the market. If you choose more than one, you will find that the prices are different, different, the prices are different and the quality is different.
It may be that the price between manufacturers is naturally uneven due to the problems of raw materials and production process, that is, there is a high price, a low price or a relatively appropriate price. As an enterprise, it needs to use this magnet to produce products, it needs to buy with other manufacturers. But because the quality of products in the market is uneven, it is more necessary to know about the general market.
Since the products of each manufacturer are different, then, we need to buy them with great attention. Next, we should know how to make the materials. In the market, you should choose a suitable tile magnet, so we should give feedback to the manufacturer about what you want to use, how many quantities are needed and the drawings are best sent. This is the best way to send the drawings Sample manufacturer and your products. So it is more appropriate for you to visit several manufacturers before you make a decision to purchase. A cent a cent of goods also see the service of the manufacturer.
Generally speaking, when choosing the tile magnet manufacturer, people must consider several aspects more, so that the purchased magnetic tile can meet the requirements.

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