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How thick can Planar multipole magnetization be?

Now most of the magnet manufacturers are magnetizing the magnet through the magnetizing machine, so the question comes, how much can the magnet be charged at a time? How big is it? How thick is the charge? What industry is multipole magnetization mainly used in?

What is the maximum magnetic force of the magnetizer?

How much magnetic force can reach depends mainly on the material (magnetic energy product) of the magnet, because that is the internal cause. Different materials, different product sizes, magnetic force is also very different.
Can the magnetizer of NdFeB magnet be filled with ferrite?
If it’s a nd-fe-b-filled magnetizer, it’s no problem to use it to fill ferrite, but the ferrite filled magnetizer may not have enough power to fill Nd-Fe-B.

Common magnetization method of magnetizer?

The magnetizing machine of the magnetic ring can be used to magnetize at most, such as radial multipole magnetization, radial magnetization, planar single-stage magnetization and planar multipole magnetization.
What kind of magnetization method is the most difficult?
It is understood that the most difficult is radial magnetization. If it is ferrite magnetization, it will be relatively simple, because the magnetic circuit is much better designed; if it is rare earth strong magnetization, the design is much more difficult.

How thick can a magnet be charged?

If the magnetic ring is a plane magnetizing single stage, the ordinary spiral tube magnetizing fixture is used, and there is no limit on the degree or height of magnetization, which can basically meet the needs of the product.
If the magnetic ring is planar multipole magnetization, we have done a lot of magnetization experiments, and the thickness is required. If the thickness is too thick, the magnetic force can not penetrate, and the effect of magnetization has a certain impact. Generally, there should be no problem in the range of 30-40 mm.
If the magnetic ring is a thin sheet, it can be magnetized several pieces at a time. After our test and observation, the thickness should not exceed 20 mm. After that, the magnetization effect of the middle magnetic sheet is not ideal.



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