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How much suction does the magnet have?

Most people think that the bigger the Gauss of the magnet, the stronger the magnetic force will be. In fact, this is wrong. When we looked at the source of keywords on the website today, we found such a search keyword source, asking how much suction does 3000 Gauss have?

1508729241930122 - How much suction does the magnet have?

First of all, the unit of magnetic force is not GS (Gauss), Gauss is the unit of magnetic field strength. So we can’t say how much Gauss is equal to how much magnetic force.
Secondly, the attraction of magnets is related to the properties and specifications of NdFeB. For magnets of the same specifications, the higher the performance, the stronger the magnetic force.
There is also a misunderstanding, that is, many people will think that the larger the size of the magnet, the higher the surface magnetism, which is also wrong. The higher the surface magnetism, the greater the suction per unit area! Suction = unit surface magnetism * unit area. Therefore, we can’t simply think that the magnet with high surface magnetism must have high suction.
So you may not quite understand it. For example, the suction of N50 / D3 * 8 magnet is < N35 / D10 * 3 > N33 / D10 * 3. The surface magnetism of D3 * 8 is larger than that of D10 * 3.



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