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How much do magnet manufacturers generally require?

Regarding the starting quantity of magnet customization, our sales also often receive some email inquiry from purchasing and inquire about our minimum starting order. Our company will also require a minimum starting quantity of the customer according to the magnet material and specification size selected by the customer. So what is the custom-made quantity of magnet?

Different “magnet manufacturers” have different minimum MOQ for magnets, which depends on the scale of magnet manufacturers. Some large manufacturers will also have a high starting order quantity for magnets. On the contrary, some small magnet processing plants will accept some small orders because of their lack of core competitiveness. After all, they have to survive.
For example, the starting order quantity of is a lot, and the materials are generally 10000. Of course, this is not certain. Ferrite magnet because of low unit price, production trouble, some we will ask customers to order from 20000 or 50000. Nd-Fe-B is slightly lower. Some large-scale Nd-Fe-B ring customers only need a few, and we will cooperate with them. Moreover, after the customers pass the proofing magnet test, they need to carry out mass production in small quantities. We can also cooperate with only a few hundred or thousands of them. After all, we can’t just look at them.
Moreover, it should be noted that many customers keep the unit price of magnets very low, and then the quantity is only a little bit (a hundred or a thousand). For profit reasons, many magnet manufacturers will choose to give up. After all, every company does not do charity.
OK, the minimum order quantity of magnets. I’ll introduce it to you today. Mutual understanding is very important.



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